Comic Transcript for CSSquirrel #72 Alone in the Pitch Black Dark

The scene opens in a cold, dark cave deep below the surface of the Earth. Inside the pitch black darkness four individuals can be heard stumbling around in the dark: Sam Ruby, Maciej Stachowiak, Paul Cotton and the Squirrel.

An ear-splitting roar shakes the cave, causing a shower of small rocks to tumble down around and on the cavers. The echoes of the bestial sound eventually fade, only to be replaced by the rapid thuds of something large running towards them. Additionally, dozens of squeaks and flapping noises fill the cave, smaller creatures disrupted by the monster.

With the flare of the match, the three men and squirrel can now see about them, if only barely. Each is wearing muddy caver's outfit, scraggly from their time underground. Racing through the tunnel towards them is a gigantic, lizard-like beast with hungry red eyes and a large, fanged maw drooling in anticipation of the taste of their flesh. Sam Ruby is holding a rifle and trying to aim at the creature, but hundreds of small bats covered with hyperlinks are cluttering the cave and making it difficult for him to line up his shot.