Comic Transcript for CSSquirrel #35: The HTML5 Super Friends

There is a large meeting room in an office or design studio. A door to exit is to the right, and a fern is growing in a potted plant. Eight people dressed up as super heroes are standing around in the room, having a conversation. The people are Jeffrey Zeldman, who is dressed as Superman; Dan Cederholm, who is dressed like Batman; Jeremy Keith, who is dressed like Green Lantern; Eric Meyer, who is dressed like Aquaman; Ethan Marcotte, who is dressed like the 1970's version of Robin with green shorts; Tantek Celik, who is dressed like Flash; Nicole Sullivan, who is dressed like Hawkwoman; and Wendy Chisholm, who is dressed as Wonder Woman. Jeffrey is trying to get everyone's attention. Meanwhile, Dan, Jeremy and Eric are talking together, Ethan and Tantek are talking together, and Nicole and Wendy are talking with one another.

The people all line up and smile in preparation for a picture. They all say "Cheese!" Just as the camera flashes, a squirrel jumps up from behind the fern, and gets in front of the camera for the picture. He is dressed in a superhero outfit to look like the Atom. As soon as the picture is taken, the squirrel quickly disappears. The gathered people all look about in confusion.

Tantek looks to the door nervously, as Chris Wilson rides in on a pink and blue unicorn. The unicorn's tongue is sticking out.